Monthly Archives: March 2014

Buns & Butterflies


I’m loving my butterfly earrings & Ankara clutch that I made with my new mustard dress.  My brass choker go great with my vintage brass & copper elephant broach on clutch.  I’ve bee practicing my bun lately…I’m getting better so stay tuned :-) I tried white eyeliner for the first time…it definitely gave me a different look I have to get use too.  what do you think? Earrings and clutch are available in the online store.  Ring is sold out.


Spring Turban


I bought these shoes over 7 years ago and I’ve only wore them a few times. I love the wood heel and the printed straps.  I thought they would go perfect with this turban wrap. a this white dress.  This dress is so comfy and it has pockets on the side.  I’m a sucker for anything with pockets on the side.  I guess you would call this a clean bohemian look.




I was never into jumpsuits.  I never saw a style that I liked or thought would look cute on me.  So when I saw this jumper I almost passed it up, but the sales guy at the sample sale was like “you have to get this” I was like “you think so, what are these things on the side that look like inside out pockets but aren’t pockets”. So I bought it anyway and when I got home and tried it on, it was the most adorable jumper I ever saw and it fit perfectly. Great find :-)